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More Information on Voting Systems

Other Voting Systems

There are many sites where you can choose to learn more about all of these issues in order to make an informed decision on October 10, 2007. I realize that even though you might support increasing the number of women in Queen’s Park, you may not like other aspects of MMP. To this, I will simply say, get the most accurate information you can about both systems before you make your choice. To that end, I suggest the following links:
The Basics
 •  Referendum Ontario: For information on how MMP would work in Ontario

Women & MMP

  Equal Voice: They are dedicated to electing more women in Canada. Take a look at their excellent MMP resource kit.
  Women for Fair Voting: They are also working hard to get MMP passed. They have some excellent informational resources as well, including this handy list of academic references in case you are interested in reading more about this topic in the academic literature.

Discussions on MMP vs. Single Member District Plurality

My favourite discussion is led by Peter Macleod on the Globe’s website.
Another excellent place to get a balanced view on the pros and cons of the different voting systems is on Wikipedia. You can also take a look at the voting systems used by other countries.
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