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Conflict, Security, and Development Research Group (CSDRG) Seminar Series

The Private Sector’s Role in Conflict, Security, and Development

Jo Ford, Chatham House

Mon 13 Oct 2014

War Studies Meeting Room (K6.07), 11:00-12:15.


Community-Based Approaches to Transitional Justice & Peace-building in Africa’s Great Lakes

Phil Clark, SOAS, University of London.

Mon 20th October

War Studies Meeting Room (K6.07), 11:00-12:15.


Saharan politics and the rise of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Speaker: Dr Yvan Guichaoua, lecturer in International Politics at the University of East Anglia.

Wed 22nd October

War Studies Meeting Room (K6.07), 18:30-19:30.


Why some international missions are doomed to keep making the same mistakes

Iain King, CBE.

Mon 3rd November

War Studies Meeting Room (K6.07), 11:00-12:15.


Functional and Dysfunctional Fragile States in the Eastern Horn of Africa

Dr. Ken Menkhaus, Professor of Political Science at Davidson College.

Mon 3rd November

Pyramid Room (K4U.04) 4th floor Strand Campus, 18:30-19:30.


Bosnia 20 years on: Prospects for Peace

Vahedin Omanovic, Centar za Izgradnii Mira

Mon 10 Nov, 11.15am

War Studies Seminar Room, Strand Campus.


Book Launch – ‘Blinded by Humanity: Inside the UN’s Humanitarian Operations’

Martin Barber, OBE, PhD.

Mon 10th November

K0.16 King’s Building Strand Campus, 18:30-19:30


Spoils of Oil: The Risks of Corruption in Lebanon’s Nascent Petroleum Sector.’

Dr Reinoud Leenders, CSDRG.

Wed 12th November

Venue TBC. 13:30-14:30.


The UN’s Development Summit in 2015: Irrelevant?

David Malone, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Rector of the UN University.

Mon 24th November

War Studies Meeting Room (K6.07), 15:00 – 17:00.



Book Launch: How Peace Operations Work

Jeni Whalan (Univ. of New South Wales)

2.30-4.00pm Tuesday 4 February, 2014
War Studies Seminar Room (K6.07)
King’s Building, 6th Floor, King’s College London

Panelists: Lee Jones (Queen Mary), Jolyon Ford (former Senior Analyst at Oxford Analytica)

Chair: Christine Cheng

Sponsored by the Conflict, Security, and Development Research Group

Directions to King’s College London

Conflict, Security, and Development Annual Conference

6 March 2014
9.00am to 5.oopm

Conference dinner to follow (optional)

Great Hall
King’s Building
Strand Campus, King’s College London

Convened by Olivia Armstrong, Larisa Lara Guerrero, and Kate Robertson

Directions to King’s College London


Publishing Your Research

Three distinguished panelists will offer advice to PhD students and early career researchers on getting their journal articles and book proposals accepted. Panelists will discuss the publication process and provide insights from an editor’s/publisher’s point of view. All King’s students and staff who are interested in publishing in the field of politics and international relations are welcome!

Podcast to follow.

Claudia Aradau, Acting Editor of Security Dialogue

Michael Dwyer, Publisher, Hurst (titles are co-published with Oxford University Press in the US)

Ned Lebow, Former Editorial Board Member of APSR, EJIR, JoP, RIS, & many others

Chair: Christine Cheng

Monday 13 January 2014

War Studies Seminar Room (K6.07)
King’s Building, 6th Floor, King’s College London


Award-winning Street Artist JR– Art in Post-Conflict Spaces

In conversation with Christine Cheng about Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Kenya

5.00-6.30pm Wednesday 13 November, 2013

Strand Building -1.06 (Basement level not the first floor)
Strand Campus, King’s College London
Tickets are free. Registration in advance.

Convened by Carolina Rocha da Silva.



Roland Paris- The Liberal Peace Revisited

Monday 3 December 2012 4pm
War Studies Seminar Room (K6.07)
King’s Building, 6th Floor, King’s College London

Chair: Christine Cheng

Directions to King’s College London


Power After Peace Book Launch

Mats Berdal (Editor, King’s), Dominik Zaum (Editor, Reading), Oisin Tansey (Contributor, King’s), Christine Cheng (Contributor, King’s)

7 November 2012 5-7pm

Drinks reception to follow
War Studies Seminar Room K6.07
King’s Building, 6th Floor

Directions to King’s College London


Extralegal Groups and Statebuilding:  The Case of Liberia

LSE International Development Seminar

2 November 2012 4.30
Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House
Chair: Mayling Birney



Military Intervention in Afghanistan & Libya

Wed 1 June 2011, 3.30-7pm
Saskatchewan Room
Exeter College (Turl St, closest to Broad)

I. After bin Laden: Prospects for Peace in Afghanistan (3.30-5pm)

This will not be your typical panel. Djeyhoun Ostowar, Afghan civil society leader and MPhil student, will lead the discussion and ask our panelists some tough questions about the potential for negotiations with the Taliban, Western involvement, and the current political situation. Q&A to follow.

Minna Jarvenpaa (Former head of Analysis and Planning, UN Mission in Afghanistan)

Sir Richard Shirreff (Deputy Head of NATO, Former Head of UK troops in Afghanistan)

Chair: Christine Cheng

II. NATO in Libya and the Arab Spring (5-7pm)

Should the West have intervened in Libya? What happens after Gaddafi? How has the political landscape shifted after the Arab Spring?

Dr Selma Belaala (Warwick)

Dr Marwa Daoudy (Oxford)

Minna Jarvenpaa (Formerly of UNAMA, UNMIK)

Sir Richard Shirreff (Deputy Head of NATO)

Prof Jennifer Welsh (Oxford)

Chair: Christine Cheng


Economic Trusteeship and Liberia’s GEMAP: Dealing with Corruption in Africa

Thursday, 12 May 2011 12.30-14.00, Meeting Room, Kellogg College, 62 Banbury Road.

Kellogg Centre for the Study of Governance and Transparency

Seminar Series on Corruption Research

All are welcome and a sandwich lunch will be provided.


2010-2011 Oxford International Relations Research Colloquium

Convenors: Andrew Hurrell and Christine Cheng

2010 Michaelmas Term. See Program.

2011 Hilary Term. See Program.


Afghanistan: The State of the State

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

4.30-6.30pm, followed by drinks/dinner

Saskatchewan Room, Exeter College  (Turl St) , Oxford

Five fantastic speakers will give their perspectives about statebuilding and its barriers in Afghanistan.

–      Minna Järvenpää, former Head of Analysis and Planning in the UNAMA mission in Kabul, ESI fellow

–      Bob Churcher, former British Army Officer instrumental in creating the Afghan National Security Council and training NATO forces

–      Aziz Hakimi, an Afghan who  served as advisor to President Karzai and as Human Rights advisor for UNAMA

–      Jill McGivering, a senior foreign news correspondent for BBC who has been embedded with British troops in Helmand province

–      Michael Thomas, head of the Foreign Office’s Afghan Study Unit

(If you are not part of the university, but would like to attend, please contact me.)

Organizers: Hanna Saltzman, Max Muir, Krisztina Czortea, Anouk Dey


Britain in Afghanistan: Diplomacy in Action

Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former UK Ambassador to Afghanistan and Pakistan

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


Exeter College, Oxford (If you are not part of the university, but would like to attend, please contact me.)

Having left the FCO because of differences in opinion about whether the West should be negotiating with the Taliban, Sir Sherard is not your run-of-the-mill Ambassador. Here is a little more about him:

Sherard Cowper-Coles served as the Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan from February 2009 until September 2010. He took Early Retirement from the Diplomatic Service in October 2010. He is working on a book about Afghanistan, and another of diplomatic anecdotes, before taking up a full-time job in international business in late February 2011.

Sherard joined the Diplomatic Service immediately after studying Greek, Latin, philosophy and ancient history at Hertford College, Oxford.


Exeter College Politics Lunches (2009-12)

I regularly organize these lunches once or twice a term for our PPE undergraduates and graduates at Exeter College. In Hilary 2011, the first one will probably take place in Week 3. Speakers may be invited to come and informally discuss their research. We dine in Hall at 12.30. If you are not studying politics or IR but would be interested in attending, please contact me and I will add you to the list.