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Tokyo– the new Paris for gourmands

December 30, 2009

If I had to pick the country with the greatest OCD tendencies, the winner would have to be Japan. But there are definite upsides to OCD…. such as amazing soba noodles. (Reminder to self: look for this place the next time I’m in Tokyo)

…there’s something you should know about buckwheat dough: It is the world’s most temperamental substance. Without the glutinous binding properties of wheat, the dough becomes so prone to shredding that learning how to make it takes a staggering three years of training — after which one attains the status of “soba master.”
That’s what chef Matsamura did. But then his soba-dough-rolling expertise is only one example of the fetishistic, borderline maniacal culinary philosophy at Kikouchitei. After all, this is a chef who insists on grinding his own buckwheat flour with his own granite millstone. A millstone that sits behind glass like some monument in the middle of the restaurant.

My idea of paradise. YUM.

“In their spare time, the Japanese also go on culinary tours — to Hokkaido to eat the freshest sushi, or to the coast in winter to soak in hot springs and eat crab. According to one local food critic, the Japanese mania for eating even has a name: “the madness.”

Being a perpetually hungry sort of person, the first thing I did upon hearing all this was book a flight to Japan. The second thing I did was plan a three-day eating tour of Tokyo with Michi Travel, a Japanese company that specializes in culinary trips and serves English-speaking customers.” Full story.

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